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Monday, April 19, 2004


I mentioned last November that the Bush administration banned the Dover test, and I find that fact just as offensive today as I did several months ago. Yes, there are times when going to war is necessary. But I believe the public must face the human consequences of that decision. Such a decision must pass the Dover Test. I bring it up again because apparently someone broke the rule and published this photo. From a commenter at eschaton I was also pointed to this site, with an essay by someone who works at the Dover Air Force Base.

"It does not matter where somebody stands politically on the war, but I believe that all who have an opinion should know the cost of that opinion. When a soldier dies in a foreign land, his or her remains are returned to the United States for their final rest. The remains arrive in Dover, Del. without fanfare. No family member is present. There are no young children to feel sad or confused. Just a small group of soldiers waiting to do their duty and honor the fallen."


"The men and women arriving in flag-draped caskets do not deserve the disrespect of arriving in the dark confines of secrecy."


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