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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Rizwana mentioned during break today that she wants to write a book someday. And perhaps not a research/technical/scientific/textbook but a novel. Which we all thought was awesome. And Anna and I mentioned how we each have lists of things we want to do before we die. Which reminded me that I haven't looked at my list in ages. So I dug it out. Here it is, written 1/4/98:

take a photography class (almost did this one, but had to drop the one I enrolled in at Case)
learn how to play the guitar (again, almost, sort of did this one, but now I don't remember how, so doesn't count)
learn how to cook
travel - Caribbean Islands
every country in Europe
Mystic, Connecticut
Denver, Colorado
New Orleans
Prince Edward Island
(ok, that's a pretty random list of locations, but at least I've been to Seattle!)
intern at magazine or newspaper (done!)
help with a concert/be a roadie/assist with production of movie/tv show/theater
do habitat for humanity
visit a rain forest
take up karate (take up karate?!)
become a snowboarder (well, I did learn how a few years ago, but by the end of the weekend I was still falling on the bunny slope)
go to a spa (done after qualifiers)
get belly button pierced (done!)

So there's a little glimpse into my 17-year-old-high-school-self. I think the notion was that I would come back and keep adding to the list, but I guess that didn't really happen...


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