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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The correct answer to the Republican's favorite line "John Kerry doesn't support the troops.  He voted against $87 billion for them."  Yes, that's true.  But he supported an alternate bill proposed by the democrats that offset some of the $87 billion by repealing the tax cuts for the rich.  I mean, the poor are sending their kids.  The least the wealthy can do is send their money.

Won't work with the Democratic party because that would be working with the enemy or selling out or something.  But letting the Republicans help him get his name on the ballot?  That's just plain hubris.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nader irritates me. I wish he would just drop out. I fear he will ruin the outcome of the election and I wonder if he is being helped by the Republicans or helping the Republicans in other ways besides just getting his name on the ballot.
I can see the point of having a third party candidate in the election, and most of the time I would respect someone for doing that. But this election is just way too important to have someone else potentially mess it up.


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