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Saturday, February 05, 2005

I'm tired of people telling me that Bush has never really lied, per se, just, perhaps, misspoke or exaggerated or allowed his underlings to tell something less than the truth. Bob Harris has a nice referenced list of just a few of the outright lies Bush told during one little speech. (by the way, one of the links branched from Bob's site goes to, which has a lovely color-coded take on the SotU. I'd pour over it and comment but I think my head might asplode.) Whenever my Dad is working on a particularly controversial sample, involving lawyers and potential lawsuits, one of the ways he tries to diffuse the situation is to get everyone to agree on something, then work outward from there. i.e. let's all agree that people are getting cancer and that's bad. ok, now, let's toss around why people might be getting cancer and what we need and can do about it. So, let's all agree that, at the very least, our leader should be held to a certain standard of truthfulness when reporting to Congress. Then we can debate over the actual merits of what he's saying.

ps - whomever commented several posts ago that they know how to contact mark or kate? Um, thanks, but without leaving more information your comment was kind of useless. So, if you could get back to me, that would be awesome.


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