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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What they said

I haven't blogged about the latest SCOTUS outrage because it nearly makes my head asplode. So instead I'll just copy other people's fine words:

Bitch PhD - Seriously. Equal pay for equal work? We're still fighting over this? Not the details of what it means, but the simple idea that it's the law? What? The? Fuck?

August J. Pollak - the Roberts majority isn't just anti-abortion. It's anti-women. And the sooner liberals and progressives start telling moderate and even conservative women that even if they don't like abortion, these people also want your daughters to not get the same pay, not get the same education, not have the same chance to play sports or even try and have the same jobs, the better. Because even if a mother thinks abortion is wrong, I doubt there are many mothers who think a judge has the right the tell them their daughter isn't allowed to do something because she's a girl.


Blogger Sudiptya said...

So, here was a mefi thread that I think is worth discussing further:

I'm not going to touch it, in part because:

1. its disturbing in a lot of ways (scroll down to the comment about the Haidl case) that I'm not quite comfortable with yet,
2. because you have a better audience for such a topic,
3. because I'm not familiar enough with feminist arguments to best phrase why this is so intrinsically disturbing,
4. and finally because, as a guy, I've gotten to feel that since I have a penis, its not my place to participate in these sorts of discussions...

so, I'm punting it to you. Do what you'd like with it.


Oh, and guess who I've been talking to? That's right, Dan from Defiance.

3:58 AM  

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