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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Books and Exploration

I've been getting out in the city a bit again (new intern = new buddy for city adventures). Last night we went to Mission Muralismo, a celebration of decades of artwork in the Mission district at the de Young Museum. The music was great, the projections of the murals were fabulous, but since we weren't willing to spring for a museum ticket, we couldn't really get beyond the lobby. So instead we had a couple of drinks and I impulse bought Museum Legs, a collection of essays on why museums matter and why people get bored in them. Then we headed out for dinner, passing Green Apple Books, where the intern insisted I needed a copy of Tales of the City. The problem now being that I'm only about a third of the way through Settling Accounts, I'm still not enamoured with it, but I feel obligated to finish it (ocd) and I have these two shiny new books I'd rather be reading!

This afternoon we biked nine or ten miles all over Inner and Outer Richmond and Golden Gate Park, led around by the SF Bicycle Coalition. In theory, we were trekking around looking at examples of Reid Brothers architecture, but really the natural views were much better!


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