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Sunday, February 02, 2003

Well, I've made it uneventfully back into the States, via a nice detour to see The Falls (it cracks me up that all the signs leading up to Niagara just say "The Falls"). Here's the re-cap for those who are interested:
Friday - drove to Hamilton, nap, yummy Indian food, cool art gallery thing (associated with conference) featuring local indie bands and amusing videos;
Saturday - shopping, conference session on surveillance, "electronic things," and reality tv, second session (where carrie delivered the previously mentioned kick-ass paper), dinner and too many beers at Chester's, night caps at a little coffee shop, where I was completely prepared to buy cute-guy-in-red-shirt a drink before I noticed him eye-ing the attractive girl behind the counter...early to bed;
Sunday - brunch, Niagara Falls (tres impressive), detour through Buffalo (got to see Mark's house!), seemingly-never-ending drive back to C-land.

Generally had a great time on my first ever excursion to Canadia, and of course thoroughly enjoyed road-tripping with the roommies. The only kind of sad thing I noticed this weekend is that I feel old - we skipped out on the dance-all-night after party Friday night because we were too tired and last night we were back in the hotel room, watching tv in bed by 10:30!


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