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Friday, April 09, 2004

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
-George Orwell

Saw the above quote on a bumper sticker in my professor's office and thought it was the perfect idea and motivation for these times.
In other news, it's a good day. Reason #1:
Doctor Testifying for DOJ Says Aspect of Banned Abortion Procedure Could Be Necessary in Some Cases
Reason #2 (although this one is a bit of a mixed good and less good thing):
Utah Prosecutors Drop Murder Charges Against Woman Who Gave Birth to Stillborn Infant After Allegedly Refusing C-Section. They dropped the murder charge because she pled guilty to two counts of child endangerment. Though given the positive test for drugs in the female baby's system, that seems a more reasonable charge. Also says they took her mental instability into account in deciding to drop the murder charges and as part of the plea agreement she'll go to rehab, so at least she'll get some help.
And reason #3 (just for fun):
Consumption by Pregnant Women Has Positive Impact on Infants' Behavior. "The researchers concluded that chemicals in chocolate associated with "positive mood" may be passed to infants in utero, according to Reuters (Reuters, 4/7). The researchers concluded, "In addition to producing subjective feelings of psychological well being, chocolate may have effects at multiple environmental and psychological levels" (Early Human Development, February 2004)." Yay for chocolate!

Lastly, atrios has this to say about being for or against the war in Iraq:
"There were plenty of reasons to be against the war, but the only one which was necessary was the fact that the people in charge were utterly incompetent - that people opposed to "nation building" had no real desire to carry it out. Once their incompetence was clear, no other reasons were necessary. Even Tom Friedman recognized this was a risky venture, but he failed to understand that you do not support risky ventures run by inept lunatics."
Something along those lines has been percolating in my head for a few days, hopefully I'll come back and expand on it soon, but for now, I have to get back to research.


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