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Sunday, May 09, 2004

whoa. whole new blogger. neat.

so it's been a good weekend, my two whole days of relaxation before work and the return to studying tomorrow. Slept until 1:30 yesterday afternoon, which made me tremendously happy. Then sweated my way through the free Indigo Girls concert on campus (sweating from the 90 degree heat + 90+% humidity; free concert because it's graduation weekend and the Indigo Girls are Emory alumns). Crashed a cocktail party for graduating seniors last night, and spent all day today shopping with the ladies. Probably spent a little too much money, but feeling really good about my purchases: green silk shirt, jeans, capris (the first pair ever to fit me), groovy brown slacks, pinstripe pants, and a hot little pink and black and lace tank top, because April has become obsessed with me wearing more pink. Right. Pink.

Currently bumming around the apartment trying to wind down enough to get to bed at a reasonable hour, since I start work tomorrow and have to get up early but haven't gone to bed before 2 am in about a week.

Also, feeling slightly guilty about being a bad public healther and releasing what is probably a drug-resistent strain of some upper respiratory viral infection thing into the cat population. I'm sorry, but finishing up Cleo's round of antibiotics just ain't happening. It's hardly my fault she spits all the pills out and I'm done getting torn up and pissing her off for nothing.

Right. time to finish filling out pages of background info. for my security check tomorrow. Oh, workin' for the man.


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