succumbing to peer pressure

Sunday, June 13, 2004


One bubble bath and the better part of a bottle of merlot later and I feel Great! Of course, I finally get a night off, and what do I choose to rent from Blockbuster? And the Band Played On. Yeah Matthew Modine playing a hunky doctor working for the CDC battling the AIDS crisis. Could I be a bigger public health dork? I actually remember watching this on HBO when I was younger and I think it's the reason I have the hots for Modine. Anyway...the friends continue the awesomeness, with matt driving me to happy hour tomorrow so I can get blitzed and April and Scott making dinner for me on Tuesday and then Cara joining us for trivia at Thinking Man Tavern. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about The Handmaid's Tale and how creepy and prescient it is and how everyone should go read it RIGHT NOW! And now...time for some Matthew Modine yumminess...


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