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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Doctors for Global Health Conference (and a new crush)

Just home briefly to run some errands before heading back to the 'networking' dinner tonight. DGH conference is amazing, inspiring, all the things a good conference should be. Everyone talking about social justice and leveling the playing field financially and healthcare as a basic human right and public health within the larger (giant) social context of gender and racial discrimination, developed versus developing nations, WTO, World Bank, IMF, WHO, and dozens of other acronyms, and how we have to spark tiny revolutions in the small corners of the world where we are able to invoke change to ultimately change the larger paradigm within which public health is currently viewed. Amazing stuff. I'm surrounded by people who have been all over the world, kids my age who have already studied and worked in Haiti, Venezuela, New Zealand, Australia, and San Salvador. Gray-haired couples who spent months in Uganda. Which gives me something new to ask for in my nightly prayers - may I one day have more passion and care than fear. Because I know that right now I am not the sort of person who could travel to many of these countries and work for change. And I don't like that about myself. I met a peace corps volunteer who was devastated that she had to cut her service short because men in a neighboring village were threatening her. Two women travelled through the jungle at night (something which is not done) to warn her and she left promptly the next morning. I don't have the kind of courage one must inevitably have to work under conditions like that. But I hope that one day I do.

Tangentially, I have a huge crush on the president of DGH. A total dork - bad haircut, bad vest, bad tie. And a total inspiration professionally. So hot right now.

For the sake of the kittens!

Sid - as is so often the case, too many things, not enough hours. But I should have some down time in the next few days to give due time and thoughtfulness to your article. I look forward to it.


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