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Monday, December 20, 2004

Censorship in America

Is it getting better, worse, or just different? I heard Nirvana's "Rape Me" on the radio today, uncut, and it didn't strike me as odd at all until I remembered that at one of the VMAs Mtv was totally freaking out that Nirvana might try to play the song live, thus getting them into huge trouble with the censors. On the other hand, the Smothers Brothers were saying how their politically charged variety show would have lasted even fewer episodes in today's political climate than back in the 60s. So is it a difference between television and radio? Or is it just arbitrary the things the FCC gets all worked up about these days? Or something else entirely? Discuss.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While the concept of rape is disturbing and very non-PC, it doesnt actually violate any of the FCC rules about decency. MTV wasn't really worried about the censors as much as they were worried about a social backlash... though maybe they were worried a bit, since MTV frequently crossed that decency line and probably didnt want to give any more ammo to those who wanted to shut them down.

Of more concern is the fact that the FCC is becoming political capital... i mean, its run by colin powell's frickin' son! As a result, its biased during a political season and more open to manipulation by, say, the religious right. This disturbs me.

So, yeah. XFM is the future.... another ruling today said that it's not governed by the FCC decency rules. Yay for subscription services being protected, yet again. Yay for not having to listen to another clearchannel piece of trash. Yay for democracy!

---Vicious Sid

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