succumbing to peer pressure

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Bah. Just spent the past 3 hours grading final exams and now am desperately avoiding getting back to studying. At 11:30 on a Saturday night. Wow, I am so cool. Yes, this is an incredibly boring post. But I'll do anything to postpone cracking my theory notebook for another 5 minutes. Including watching Lord of the Rings on network television. With commercial breaks. For the third time in two days. Ok, clearly I have not had time to watch a 4+ hour movie in it's entirety 3 times, but I've clicked over to tnt to catch snippets of it three times in two days. Which is just sad. I miss those early undergrad years when some masochistic part of me actually got a kick out of the manic adrenaline rush of finals week. Can't we just be cyborgs already so I could just plug an adapter into my usb port and magically understand exponential, scale, and location families?


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