succumbing to peer pressure

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Had a weird high school flash-back moment tonight. I don't know, maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic. Maybe it was the old school Counting Crows on the radio on the drive home. But I had that feeling of simultaneously experiencing the happiest and saddest of times. Nothing particularly eventful happened tonight. But nothing particularly eventful happened during high school either. And yet I remember that weird simultaneity as being the overriding feeling of the entire three years. I'm sure it's just some part of growing up, but I wonder sometimes how I got through it. My grandmother has always described me as an "old soul." Sometimes I believe that and sometimes I don't. But something helped me hang on during those opposite-end-0f-spectrum years. Really, it makes sense how some kids lost control. And I can't put my finger on how I was somehow able to objectively see that this was just a phase...something that I would come out on the other side of...I'm not sure what I was holding onto...but it must have been something solid.


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