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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Books Received:

Bored of the Rings - Harvard Lampoon
Cryptonomicon - Neal Stephenson
Zodiac - Neal Stephenson

Unexpected gifts from Dad. On the note, under Zodiac, he says, "Hope it doesn't sound TOO much like me." The back of Zodiac:
Two centuries after the Boston Tea Party, harbor dumping is still a favorite sport, only this time it's major corporations dumping toxic wastes. Environmentalist and professional pain in the ass Sangamon Taylor is a modern-day Paul Revere, spreading the word from a 40-horsepower Zodiac raft. And embarrassing corporations in highly telegenic ways has earned him a collection of enemies that would do any rabble-rouser proud. After his latest exploit, he's wanted by the FBI, possibly by the Mafia, and definitely by a group of Satanist angel-dust heads who think he's looking for a PCP factory instead of PCB contamination. Pretty soon dodging bullets is the least of Taylor's problems - because somewhere out there is an unhinged genetic engineer and a lab-concocted bacterium that could destroy all ocean life...and that's just for appetizers.

I think I just got a weird glimpse into Dad's head.


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