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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dear Mr. Saletan,

Prior to writing this weekend's editorial regarding the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, approximately how many real pro-choice activists did you speak to? Because when you say perfectly reasonable things like, "[i]t's time for the abortion-rights movement to declare war on abortion," and "[t]o eliminate it, you have to agree on it: Abortion is bad, and the ideal number of abortions is zero," with this air of a new idea, like these are suggestions that typically cause pro-choicers to recoil, I have to wonder if you aren't actually a pro-lifer in choice clothing? Or perhaps just new to the movement? Honestly, who in their right mind could ever possibly be capable of considering an abortion anything other than a bad thing? Reducing the number of abortions by increasing access to contraception and education has long been a plank of the pro-choice movement. I think it's something both sides of the aisle need to start agreeing on, leaving the religious right and their proven ineffective idea of just teaching abstinence out in the cold.


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