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Monday, February 13, 2006

I almost forgot!

Books completed: White Teeth, by Zadie Smith
Not bad, but I think by the time I jumped on the Zadie Smith bandwagon I'd heard a little too much about how brilliant she is. The novel is good, the story is interesting, the imagery is enjoyable...but given that I was able to stay away for days at a time without really missing it, not the most entertainment ever.

Books started: Zodiac, by Neal Stephenson
Total brain candy, and awesome. And Stephenson may just provide a more accurate glimpse into the male psyche than Hornby, if that's possible:

"We're getting into this shit now where you expect me to follow you around. To keep track of where you are, pick up the phone and call you, do the social organizing, set up our dates. And then, when we're together, you give me this gruff shit."
"I do?"
"Yeah. You make me come onto you, and then you pretend you don't want it. I had to put up with that once or twice on the Canada trip and I'm never going to do it again. No way. You want something from me, call me up - you've got my fucking number - and ask for it."
After that, my eyes didn't blink for about half an hour. It reminded me a whole lot of being popped by that smart cop when Bart and I were having our boys' night out. You go around thinking you're cool, a veritable shadow in the night, and then you find out that someone's got your number.
I programmed the alarm to go off in ten days. When it did, I'd give her a call.


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