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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The past 48 hours

wake up
work half day
watch Germany defeat Costa Rica and Ecuador defeat Poland
drink cheap pints at Sweetwater brewery (attempt, and fail, to make friends with Sweetwater employees attending Bonnaroo and working the Brooer's Festival)
back home, dodge cockroaches while sitting outside on deck drinking beer with friends
head over to boys' new place and party at downstairs neighbor's apt
back up to boys' place, make cookies, watch tivoed mtv movie awards
convince shannon to crash at our place, make guest bed, stay up late talking to mark on the phone

wake up early, only mildly hungover, attempt (and fail) to watch England vs. Paraguay game at Brewhouse
back home, order breakfast from flying biscuit, watch underwhelming England defeat of Paraguay, indulge in mimosas to nurse hangover
thanks to coffee, work up energy for shopping trip to Target and Krogers. obtain much needed garden hose. make plans to wash car tomorrow.
over to the french folks' place for Argentina vs. Cote d'Ivoire
manage to avoid gambling, intend to avoid drinking
think, ah, just one beer
end up drinking absinthe, some very strong peach liquor, and two other unidentifiable french mixed drinks provided by our lovely hosts
somehow manage to keep commitment to head to campus for a tiny bit of work

blog instead of working.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh, sounds like a list of things I'll miss about being a grad student(not that I have a job yet)...

6:22 PM  

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