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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Creepy Phone Calls

So I just got two voicemails from a phone number that popped up on caller ID as 'private.' The messages were badly muffled, but it sounded like a) the called identified me by name (not necessarily implying that he knows me, since my outgoing message says hi, you've reached Megan) b) I think he identified himself as Mike? c) in the first message it sounds like he's offering to meet me 'anytime, any place' and d) in the second message it sounds like he says he knows I listened to his first message and why aren't I picking up the phone? Nothing specifically about either message was threatening, but I still feel creeped out and like my space was violated. I mean, my cell # isn't exactly publicly available (ok, ok, so it's buried at the bottom of my aol screen name profile, but you still have to know me to get to that) and even though I'm safely ensconced in my office at work, and there was absolutely no rational reason for this reaction, I still realized that after the second message I glanced around, like maybe someone was here. Weird. And lame.


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