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Sunday, June 03, 2007

About a third of the way through section A of this morning's New York Times I was confronted by a one page ad taken out by the NCAA. In giant font it read, "For a team very few people stood by, how about a standing ovation?" and later, in smaller font, referred to the team as an "...outstanding - not to mention, upstanding - group of young men." Now, the case against the Duke lacrosse team was handled horribly, the local DA acted unacceptably, and women who falsely claim rape are nearly as bad (imho) as rapists, since they provide additional reasons to disbelieve truthful victims. NEVERTHELESS, these boys were known to host drunken nights of debauchery during which they would pay women to take off their clothes. This may be legal behavior, but it is certainly not outstanding or upstanding, at least not in a society that values women. Oh, wait...


Blogger Sudiptya said...

Well, I can't comment on the upstanding part, but what's wrong with outstanding? They played remarkably well during a period of time when each player probably just wanted to crawl under a rock to avoid the constant media attention and nastiness. Those would be pretty hard conditions to play one's A-game, I think.

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