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Monday, October 29, 2007

I hate drugs
Or rather, I hate these particular drugs (warning - probably TMI)

When I went to get my hip checked out a couple of weeks ago I was given a prescription for an anti-inflammatory/painkiller (voltaren or volaren or some such nonsense). When I asked if I could just use an over the counter anti-inflammatory, because I really wan't in all that much pain, I was told oh no, this stuff would work much, much better. Well, maybe it really is a better anti-inflammatory, but as a painkiller it SUCKS! It's completely worthless! You see, the first day and half to two days of my period are essentially incapacitating. We're talking curled up in a ball, nauseous from the pain, can't think straight. Fortunately, aleve/naproxin is like my wonder drug. I take one or two on my first two days and zero pain. Literally. Not like it takes the edge off and makes life bearable, but zero discomfort. Ok, so I should have listened to my gut and just taken the damn aleve this morning, but the doc wants me to take this prescription nonsense regularly, and I can't exactly take both, so I figured hey, this stuff's prescription strength, and it's supposed to knock out all kinds of pain - arthritis, menstrual, etc. so surely it'll do the trick! Um, no. Not even taking the edge off. Maybe it's some weird way that my body metabolizes one chemical versus the other, but as far as I'm concerned this prescription crap is just that - crap! My whole damn body aches and it hurts to sit up straight and I have these two damn papers to finish and I can't concentrate and I can't (shouldn't) take new drugs for another 6.5 hours! Gah!


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