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Friday, October 12, 2007

Today = good

Got up early, had productive meeting about paper #2, finally got my hip checked out (see below), wrapped up a few more analyses for paper #1, took a nap and a bubble bath*, finally did some massive (and massively needed) house cleaning, did some writing for both papers, and started prepping for class. I rock!

*I know, I know, we're in a drought, I'm a bad person.

I put my hand up on your hip/when I dip you dip we dip

So about a month ago my right hip started hurting, off and on. This isn't terribly unusual for me because a) I'm crooked head to toe and b) frequently wind up with random aches and pains from spotting the little kiddies at gymnastics. But the hip pain wouldn't go away, and featured some troubling side affects - occasional complete collapse of my right leg when walking up stairs and sometimes rolling over in my sleep, moving my right leg into, evidently, a bad position, and waking myself up it hurts so much. Plus, asymmetric joint pain - specific injury = generally not good. So I finally decided it was time to suck it up and get myself checked out. Fortunately, the results were as expected - referral to physical therapist, most likely repetitive stress injury to surrounding soft tissue due to general crookedness. This was the rational expectation, but I have to confess a small part of me was worried about deja vu. Back in high school I chose to ignore back pain for way too long. Which was incredibly stupid, since even among my teammates, where the general practice was ice+tape+pain pills = ignorable injury, we all agreed that knee, back, and neck pain were not to be ignored, since those could all be permanent. Nevertheless, I kept at it until I basically couldn't walk upright anymore. And when I finally did get checked out, the doc walked in and said, well, the good news is, you don't have a stress fracture in your spine. Excuse me? A broken back was on the table?? So a small part of me was sort of worried to find out I've fractured my femur or would need hip replacement before I'm 30 or something else ridiculous. Instead, I just got the lecture about waiting so long to come in. So, bonus, I'm not a whiny hypochondriac, but, probably undoing the bonus, I am only slightly less stupid than I was 10 years ago.


Anonymous steve said...

hi megan,

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