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Saturday, December 08, 2007


I have received several thoughtful gifts this year, all of which, of course, I appreciate. But the one that made me smile the most was Scrubya soap - "...all proceeds from each bar go to organizations that are cleaning up after Dubya. So add water, lather liberally and repeat till November '08!"


Anonymous kavita said...

Hi Megan!

I receive a Google alert whenever Scrubya gets a shout out, and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to mention us on your blog.

I hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoy making it, and thanks too to the person who gave it to you!

Lathering Liberally,
Kavita and the Scrubya Squad

8:20 PM  
Blogger Scott Lemieux said...

Alas, it will have to be applied for many years after that...

12:19 AM  

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