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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things about which I am not yet allowed to stress

Just back from a positive meeting with my advisor, during which we discussed two problems I'm working on as possible conference submissions for the end of Jan and beginning of Feb. These two problems could also, theoretically, make up the next chapter or chapter and a half of my dissertation. So the idea is that those, plus the paper I submitted earlier this month, would mean enough documented work to aim for meeting with my committee in Feb to start discussing when to propose. Which means that until then I am not allowed to freak out about anything past the proposal. Between now and Feb the things I have control over are these two conference submissions. Hopefully, after my committee meeting I'll have a much firmer idea of the structure of my dissertation and the schedule moving forward. So I need some positive peer pressure - when I inevitably spiral out and start worrying about when I'm going to defend and when I'm going to job search and what to do about my lease being up in July, please remind me that if it's not yet Feb, I do not yet get to stress out about those things, because I cannot possibly have enough information to make any sort of progress on those potential problems.


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