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Saturday, March 01, 2008

All hell continues to break loose

I probably didn't mention it, but about a month ago my parents decided that my maternal grandmother (81 years old) can no longer safely live alone (she's been in quasi-assisted living for a few years, but she's still living on her own in a two bedroom apartment where she does most of her own cooking and medication management, all of which is coming to an end). So two weeks ago my Mom flew down to Texas to pack up all of her mother's belongings and bring her back to WV to move into a real assisted living place near my parents. Mom is an only child, and her dad died ten years ago, so this is an emotional time for her. Mom and Grandma are scheduled to get back to WV late tonight.

Then, last night my paternal grandfather (the statistician) was hospitalized with pneumonia and a urinary infection. His doctors don't seem too worried, and expect he'll be discharged next week.

Meanwhile, I spent all day yesterday at the hospital with my friend, for what amounted to a 20 minute surgery. Everything went ok, but we won't hear back from pathology until later in the week. So now it's a game of distraction. Look! Shiny!

One small shiny spot - before heading out to the hospital yesterday I did manage to send off a draft document to my committee. So there's that.


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