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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pulling myself together
(warning: this post definitely falls under the heading of No One Cares What You Had for Lunch)

So the past 10 days have gone like this:
Friday - propose dissertation (2-4), spend night at hospital, no sleep, minimal food
Saturday - catch up a bit on sleep and food, which of course generates serious disorientation about day and time, go out drinking to celebrate a friend's successful dissertation defense (more disorientation)
Sunday - sleep until noon, run errands like a chicken with my head cut off, bowling team dinner party, hospital until 11pm
Monday - intend to swing by hospital for a few hours, instead wind up helping with discharge to another friend's house, home again sometime after 11pm
Tuesday - another couple of hours with my friend, then coaching the kiddies in gymnastics
Wednesday - manage a few hours of work, then clean house and do laundry in preparation for two (lovely) overnight guests, go out drinking again to celebrate successful dissertation defense and say goodbye to friend who is moving away the next day
Thursday - wake up 'early' (by standards of previous night's 'bedtime'), say goodbye to departing friend, brunch at the Flying Biscuit, quality time wandering through Decatur (and searching in vain for Mother's Day gifts), yummy Thai and sushi with visiting friends for dinner, ready to pass out around 9pm
Friday - early morning tutoring session, tiny bit of work, several hours impersonating Nurse Ratched as I attempt to convince my friend that eating and walking around will actually make her feel better, pass out just long enough in my own bed to drool all over myself, then rally for the open bar at our school's graduation send-off party and yet another friend's going away party
Saturday - wake up 'early' for kickball game that gets subsequently canceled after we arrive, spend a couple of hours at the nearby pizza joint where I realize that I just really don't have energy left for socializing or, you know, sitting up, spend rest of afternoon dozing off in bed in front of the tv, wake up enough in the evening to get some random household chores done, then inevitably can't fall asleep again
Today - more tutoring, but thankfully, that's pretty much the only thing on the agenda.

I'm off for a run shortly, in an attempt to build up some much-needed serotonin. I'm still pretty unclear as to what day it is or when my meals should be occurring. I'm afraid that I'm sort of setting myself up for another trip down the rabbit hole (I have this lovely habit of generating all sorts of fun stress reactions after the conclusion of a stressful event. I guess this is useful since it means I remain calm enough to get through the event successfully, but it just makes the post-wind-down sucky and confusing). So. There's that. I know I choose to structure my life this way, but some days I should really know better.

And of course, hopefully, a return of enough of my brain cells to cobble together coherent blog posts about something other than "Oh woe is me, I have all these friends and social engagements and not enough time to sleep or eat because I'm too busy going out and having fun!"


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