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Monday, August 11, 2008

I was all distracted writing my previous post because I was watching the men's gymnastics team kick ass and take names. I've always sort of loved the men's team a bit more than the women's because they are always the underdogs. No matter how good they are, people rarely know their names, and always underestimate them. Watching our guys be truly jubilant over a bronze medal was lovely, and truly well deserved. And I love that our last three competitors were Kevin Tan, Raj Bhavsar, and Alexander Artemev. How much more American can you get? And after Artemev nailed his pommel horse routine he pointed into the crowd at David Durante, the last alternate, the one who didn't get to compete, and he's just weeping. I'm a sucker for that - the space that sports opens up for men to be emotional. It's why this moment from 1992 is one of my favorite Olympic moments ever - I love when Trent comes barreling off the podium and launches into his coach's arms. Beautiful!


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