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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ireland - Day trips to the coast!

For our last two days we took the train to some suburbs on the coast. First was Howth, where I took a million pictures and absolutely fell in love. I could set up a tent on the cliffs and just live there. Though probably not really, since our B&B lady said on rainy days Howth residents are literally in the clouds, and considering how many rainy days Ireland has, I suppose SAD would be a real problem for me there. But the day we spent hiking around was beautiful.

Our last day was spent at Powerscourt

The formal gardens were gorgeous, but after all the uphill climbing in Howth, I sort of wished I'd been warned that Powerscourt is a mile straight uphill from where the bus drops you off! C'est la vie.

All in the all the trip was amazing. Good quality time with Mom, and some nice clarity on some of our (my) lingering issues.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Denver, for another conference. I figure internet access may be slightly more reliable there, and I plan to spend much more quality time chilling in my hotel room (read: working on my course notes for the fall), but we'll see how that goes.


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How gorgeous!

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