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Monday, November 24, 2008

I come by it naturally

Closing sentence in e-mail from Dad this morning, "It's always interesting to see 1e30 in a non-physics context!"

(even I think 8am is a little early for such nerdy excitement)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You had me convinced at

"e-mail from Dad "

... I could never imagine...

Makes me think of a very funny quote from my equally misotechnist (I just made that word up; go unto the people and spread the faith) brother. He had just learned enough about the Internet to start musing about the potential for selling some small low-priced item he had, and immediately asked something to the effect of... "what could I put in an ad so it pops up all the time for anyone remotely interested in anything?" After I lectured him at length about how such behavior ruins the Internet, he replied

"well... I'm not such a big fan of it anyway."

Can't argue with that...

6:46 AM  

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