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Sunday, January 18, 2009

JK Living

(I was going to link to Matthew McConaughey's website, but holy crap, is that thing an annoying mess)

My Dad has always described me as living a nomadic lifestyle, which I guess is a generally accurate description of the student lifestyle in general, but realistically, is just not an accurate description of me. I guess you could say when it comes to cities I'm more of a serial monogamist. I spent 17 years in WV, 5 in Cleveland, and now I'm working on 6 in Atlanta. And, as a student, I have had many a friend come and go, geographically speaking. Between friends and family I know people in DC, Boston, NY, FL, CA, Seattle, TX, London, Germany, and Australia. I have always been raised to consider people moving away as simply having an excuse to visit interesting new locales. And I've been caught up in my own drama - working on the dissertation, starting a new job, moving, etc. I haven't really paused to consider that I am leaving a home (perhaps more importantly, a home of my own creation). Something about tonight's party-hopping hit that trigger, made me realize that a mere 5 months from now I won't be living here. This will be a place about which I tell stories. A place that is a notch in my historical belt. I felt this compulsion to grab on to everything. To lie down on the ground and soak it all up. I flashed back to moving out of our place in Cleveland, to the empty rooms left by AWB and PC. I wondered what it will be like to wander this apartment when the rooms are empty and I'm checking for anything left behind. I guess I'm glad for the opportunity to ponder moving away for five months...


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