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Friday, January 02, 2009

Holy Shit. I'm now five chapters in to Little Brother and it is blowing my mind. It's the 1984 of the modern age. Except...I don't know, it's even scarier. 1984 is plenty scary, but it also already starts in a dystopian world. We're spared the tiny steps that inevitably got us to the ministry of truth and doublethink and all the rest of it. Little Brother starts, well, essentially where we are right now. It's those tiny details that scare the fuck out of me, like that throw away detail in Handmaid's Tale about turning off all the credit cards belonging to women. How many things have happened in the past eight years that cross a minor moral boundary for you, and yet you've failed to act up?

Maybe I'm able to identify just a little too much with a 17 year old boy who calls himself W1n5t0n.


Anonymous Tom said...

Little Brother was easily one of the best books I read last year, I actually just started to read it again today to test out a new ebook reader. It turned me on to a bunch of other great YA lit, which there turns out to be a lot of, even if it is not my normal reading material.

Also, I don't know if you was, but Christopher Moore is scheduled to come back to town next month I think, and the first chapter of his new book is up on his blog.

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