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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What can one do with seven days in CA?

One can spend a few nights with an old friend/new coworker, find an apartment (as Sid points out in comments, the link in the previous post is no longer good; and yes, that's a washer and dryer in the corner of that pic of the bathroom!),

spend a few more days with a friend from grad school and her beautiful baby boy, work half a day at the shiny new job, spend a few more days with a roommate from college, and visit Napa.

Good God, I miss mountains!


Blogger Sid said...

Re: The Washer/Dryer

Now, I'm all for multitasking but... seriously, who came up with that design idea?

8:31 AM  
Blogger reyn said...

Holy SHIT, you're going to live THERE?? They are paying you WAY too much. Do you need a live-in bagel chef?

8:32 AM  

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