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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Finished The Eyre Affair - thoroughly, nerdly, satisfying - and Daughters of the North:
My name is Sister. I am second in council to the Carhullan Army. I do not recognise the jurisdiction of this government.
I honestly can't remember if I added this to my kindle collection because it was part of the free sci-fi novel promotional thing Amazon was doing or because it was recommended somewhere else. But however I stumbled upon it, I'm certainly glad I did. Hall deserves her comparisons to Margaret Atwood, and she is similarly prescient, terrifying, challenging, and upsetting. Well worth a read at any time, but especially worthwhile the way things are going these days. (note - I'm not suggesting we're inevitably headed down the road to apocalypse, rather that Hall, like all good writers of dystopian stories, carries events vaguely resembling present day to an extreme, but internally logical, conclusion.)

Now on to Without You, Anthony Rapp's memoir. Because I'm also geeky like that. This one, for a change of pace, a real book, not a kindle-ized one. Saving up the kindle reading for my upcoming trip to COLOMBIA! Yes, you read that correctly.


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When/for how long? Maybe I could meet you down there!

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