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Monday, April 21, 2003

Spent a lovely, although somewhat tiring, Easter weekend at home in WV. The tiring part was worth it, since I got to spend Saturday night in good conversation with Jess, Kelly, Topher, and Matt. Except that at one point Jess said something rather tactless about my parents. It simply struck me as odd at the moment, but after noticing the looks on Kelly's and Chris's faces, it occurred to me that she'd said something rather...inappropriate. It still doesn't really bother me all that much, mostly because a) I've already spent so much time and energy thinking and worrying about my parents' relationship that I think I've just used up most of my ability to be concerned with their relationship and b) I don't really live there anymore, so although their relationship still certainly affects me, it's to a much lesser degree. Nevertheless, what Jess said was just sort of weird, and the way that she felt compelled to bring it up was even weirder. Ah well.

Also this weekend, went to see The Quiet American with the parents. Very enjoyable. There's this one really striking scene, during which Brendan Fraser (the "quiet American") pulls out a handkerchief and wipes blood from the cuff of his pants. I won't explain any further for those who don't know the story (and might one day be compelled to read the book or see the movie), but it provides a moving symbol of America and how (I think) America may be viewed by many other countries.

Ok, back to work...


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