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Sunday, April 25, 2004


I won't be marching tomorrow. I'm still in Atlanta. Our busses were 5 hours late. It's a long story, one I can't handle re-telling at the moment. Trying to focus on the "everything happens for a reason" mantra. Thank goodness Travers and Andy and Reese and Sanna were still awake at two am to greet April and I with hugs and margaritas and make us laugh and feel a little better. I'll be watching cnn and living vicariously through those of you lucky enough to actually get to DC. I'm with you in spirit. I'll post Monday once I have company names and individual names and phone numbers and I'll keep you posted about outcomes of my letters and phone calls, but it would be really awesome if some of you could pitch in too, once I post contact information. I just don't even have words right now for the anger and frustration I feel towards the bus company. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but it's just so incredibly hard not to think they did this on purpose. I'll try to post more objective details in the days to come and you can all decide for yourselves. At least Cleo purred when I walked in the door. Someone is glad I'm here instead of there.


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