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Monday, May 10, 2004

Was totally a grown-up today: woke up, went to work all day, listened to npr on the drive home (though did wish I was cool enough to have satellite radio in my car so I could listen to Air America), went for a jog, finished up some work for my other job, studied for my qualifiers, and cooked some food for the rest of the week. Wow. I think I just turned into my Dad. Right there, after the npr listening and the jog. Whoa. I mean, I love and admire the guy, but I'm not so sure I want to be his doppleganger. Anyway, first day of work was ok, a little boring since bureaucratic nonsense means I can't even use my computer yet, so spent all day today reading about the survey I'll be analyzing and taking a dumb safety quiz.

In other news, was yelling at the tv this morning as they tried to turn the whole human-rights-abuses-in-Iraqi-prison thing into a gender issue. I had this whole rant worked out, but I'm just too tired now...suffice it to say that it's the five millionth example of equality means equality, dammit. for better and worse. When women do horrific things, like posing with naked prisoners in compromising positions, it isn't somehow more or less horrific because it's a woman in the picture. It's just plain horrific because it's just plain wrong.


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