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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Enough to give a gal a complex

The Scene - girl sits on bed. Boy lights candles. Reads Rabelais. And then? Nothing. So of course, I wake up this morning, replay last night, and commence obssessing over whether I misinterpreted something, whether it was inappropriate to ask to come in after driving him home...but the sane side of my brain confirms that everything is ok. This is just yet another example of the kind of guy for whom I seem to be a magnet. I realize that if one is a sucker for nice boys, one must also put up with the shyness and awkwardness and general slow-moving-ness of nice boys. But a) it's frustrating and b) I really hate to question my behavior in these sorts of situations; even if it's only for a second, I really hate to wonder if I'm a slut.

But really, that stuff aside, yesterday/this morning was lovely. Public Health Prom was ridiculously fun, with plenty of alcohol and old school rap thrown in. The reading and curling up in bed last night was nice, and waking up this morning to freshly ground coffee and guitar playing was a lot more than nice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not you, it's them. Nice boys are freaks, some of them moving freakishly slow. If you feel like you're alone in this, re-read my LJ, from Jan 3rd 2004 to April 30th or so. Though, maybe you shouldn't, b/c if you don't fall asleep, it might discourage you from dating altogether... ;-P

In all seriousness, it's ok to feel a bit miffed, and in some cases (see posts 1st week of Feb), yelling at the boy at 8am when he's already late for teaching a recitation section and saying "What the hell is your problem?!" can be surprisingly effective.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Flash!topian said...

Advice from my boyfriend went something like this: "Seriously, any man under 30 has to be literally taken in hand. Many of them have no idea how to make the first move. Tell her it is imperative that she kiss him, remove his pants, remove his underwear, and touch his penis." Me: "You're suggesting she molest him." R: "Yes. That is the only thing to do in this situation." Me: "But what if, then, it becomes obvious that he's prude or something?" R: "What is lost?"
It is silly to have to wonder if one is a slut when one is in possession of V. You're right; you shouldn't have to, but these "nice" boys... what a handful!

11:10 AM  

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