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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Surveying my domain (ok, so this entry is really more for me than you, a little record so someday I can look back and remember that I do have moments of clarity)

My friend April used to have this bulletin board at her old apartment, about which she said, I feel like this represents the person I want to be. Stuck to it were various posters and movie schedules and art exhibit notices and whatnot. I know what she means. Mark and Carrie and I used to talk about the books we wanted to show our guests (those went in the book case in the living room) and the books we were slightly less proud of owning/reading/loving (those were banished to our own individual rooms). I figure we're all guilty of that to one degree or another - fashioning our room/apartment/house to display the "best" of ourselves and who we hope to be. (and really, isn't that what a blog is too? as writer and editor, I can present my best self here, and omit all the graceless, embarrassing things I do all too regularly) I was thinking about that because I've been spending a little more time than usual tied to this laptop, writing a paper for my international health class, and during a moment of writer's block I glanced up at the IDs hanging from my window frame - one from APHA, an "Event Staff" id from our anti-zell miller rally, a Georgia for Democracy volunteer id, one from "Health Students Taking Action Together," and one from Doctors for Global Health. And I thought, wow. That's not only the person that I want to be, that's the person that I am. What a nice realization. Here's to hoping, for you and me, that those two things coincide more often than not.


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