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Thursday, January 06, 2005

What will you be doing on January 20th?

I thought about looking up last minute flights to DC, even considered throwing April in the car and driving the 12 hours there. But honestly, I can't afford to be anywhere other than here that day (can't afford it financially or academically since that also happens to be the first day of classes). So instead, I've decided to spend my day doing things that I consider to be the antithesis of all the negative things I associate with this administration. Conveniently, the Martin Luther King, Jr. awards ceremony, given out by a committee on which I happen to be a member, is during the evening of January 20th. So I'm off to a good start, honoring organizations that reach out to some of the poorest children in Atlanta, provide shelter and a little dignity to those dying of AIDS, and provide support to the mentally ill, just as a few examples. Organizations that actually work to help people, instead of just paying lip service to "compassionate conservatism." Unfortunately I do have classes all day, so I may have to spread some of this into the following weekend (hell, Bush'll probably be celebrating into the weekend, why can't I?). And come to think of it, simply attending school, learning something new, and listening to people tell me things I might not necessarily want to hear also fit the bill for this day, don't you think? Maybe I'll finally get back to volunteering with HandsOn Atlanta. I don't know yet what all I will do. But if the misbehavior of this administration motivates more people like me to do more than just talk, well, that's a silver lining I can live with.


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