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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

More well-documented lies

Once again, the Bush administration runs smack dab into that pesky thing called reality and yet, no one seems to care. In any other field employees who were either this blatantly deceitful or wildly incompetent would be fired. Too bad this sort of performance gets you promoted in government work. The Peter Principle would be funny if it weren't so sadly true. From Bob Harris:
It's no longer a matter of what Richard Clarke said vs. Condi's version -- we can all now easily read the internal memo in question. Download the memo in .pdf form and see for yourself.
Does the new memo reveal Rice as a perjurer? Actually, there were a ton of falsehoods immediately detected, many of which you can find here. But just looking at what's new thanks to this memo... let's review her sworn testimony attempting to dismiss the urgency of Richard Clarke's warnings:

In the memorandum that Dick Clarke sent me on January 25th, he mentions sleeper cells. There is no mention or recommendation of anything that needs to be done about them.

I actually can't find a damn thing in this memo about sleeper cells; maybe I'm just blind, or maybe Rice's memory understandably merged a separate verbal discussion with the memo. That's pretty normal. OK. But as to her clear implication of a lack of urgency... um, the entire second half of the memo is under the heading:

Pending Time Sensitive Decisions

... the discussion of which was precisely the reason the very top of Clarke's memo was screaming, in italics and underline, for a high-level meeting.

One might consider this a "mention or recommendation of anything that needs to be done."

Or, one might put off the Principals meeting for over six months, including a month-long vacation.


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