succumbing to peer pressure

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bah! Students! (now that Flash!topian is no more, someone needs to bitch about the young minds they're shaping, no?) I seem to have inherited a new crop this year that wants me to hold their hands way more than graduate students should need. They pop their little heads into my office, regardless of office hours, and just want to sit near me while they do their homework, then ask me to look over what they've done, to make sure it's correct before they turn it in for me to grade later in the week. They don't have any specific questions, they just want me to be their mom! They are then shocked and hurt when I ask them to leave. Bah! I say.

Plus I'm kicking myself for the crop of papers I just graded (different class) because it's obvious that the majority of the class just totally didn't get the example I went over last week, which means it's my fault, so... well, that's crappy.

And now I'm blogging to further procrastinate my own homework, which I've managed to avoid for three straight days now. Friday was all about cleaning the apartment and some much-deserved decadence in the form of candles and my new jack johnson cd and a very long bubble bath followed by some warm-from-the-oven brownies. Yesterday was brunch at the Flying Biscuit, where our new friend Spencer-the-manager gave us free mango mimosas, then a three mile hike up to the top of Stone Mountain and back (yeah, the knees are bitching about that one today). This morning I got up early to get my hair cut (I do love me some Cody first thing in the morning) with the idea being that then I would be up and functioning and productive. Which got off to a good start since I finished all my grading for the weekend, but now, well, obviously not so much.


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