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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I haven't managed at the moment to wrap my brain around the whole Miers thing, or even do any worthwhile research about the woman, so instead I'll send you to Amelia, who has, as usual, spent some time thinking about a few of the issues involved. Go read the whole thing, but just to give a little encouragement:

the bible is an immensely conflictual document, and if one is serious about living one's life to its purposes, choices must be made. certain passages must be privileged over others. certain passages must be privileged above all.

the somewhat uncomfortable conclusion that i reach in thinking about all of this is that, as far as public service goes, revisionists and mainline folks have it easy. i think that it must be very difficult (and this goes back to the "fundamentalists aren't pluralists" line of reasoning above) for a person who is serious about the gospels as the infallible word of God to advocate honestly for anything other than theocracy.


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