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Sunday, December 11, 2005

My uncle and his youngest son created this website, from which you can order 'gift-quality' lumps of coal for anyone who needs a little reminder that they have room for improvement. And someone has used their site to send two lumps to the President! Here's what my uncle says:

A customer of Two Lumps of Coal has requested that we send a bag of coal to the President of the United States, George W. Bush, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Washington D.C.
With this customer's permission, you are invited to periodically use this UPS tracking code at the UPS website [see note below] over the next few days to monitor the progress of our customer's gift from America's heartland to inside the beltway. Who knows where it might end up? Fort Detrick ? Cheney's 'undisclosed location'? A Homeland Security dumpster?
No matter the odds, we will press on with our mission. Once committed, we will not retreat. It may be like watching paint dry; it might interesting.
We have requested that an adult! sign for the package.
Of course, per Two Lumps of Coal privacy policy, we will not release the name of the customer to the recipient unless the gift recipient requests that information.

Tracking Number: 1Z0743R3A891051038
Click here to track if UPS has received your shipment or visit on the Internet.


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