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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Movie Marathon
(a recap)

His Girl Friday
Really, really funny. And clever! And kind of exhausting. I think the script for this one must have been at least twice as long as the average movie script. It's known for being among the first to have overlapping dialogue, more like conversations in real life. And Cary Grant. Wow. (this sparked a discussion about if many movie stars today fit the description 'women want them and men want to be them.' I think male movie stars tend to be of the more beefcake variety these days, and there are fewer Cary Grants and Steve MacQueens. but maybe I'm wrong) Also, after listening to Joss Whedon commentary on so much of the Firefly and Serenity stuff, I'm really intrigued about camera shot and lense choices. The first scene of this film is one, very long, unbroken shot. Now I'm curious to learn more about whether that was just the style of the time or a limitation of the technology or what.

The Jerk
Thoroughly enjoyable. Kind of almost makes me want to name my hypothetical, future dog Shithead. And Bernadette Peters, as always, sublime. But I'm not sure I'd necessarily watch it again.

Funny...but also really sexist. And I can't decide if it was sexist in this way that was trying to make a statement about the sexism of the time period, or if it was just plain old sexist. For example, Hot Lips. Her character was totally inconsistent. Given her earlier story line, there's absolutely no way the she would behave the way she did during the football game at the end of the movie. Annoying. Dissapointingly, my least favorite of the bunch.

What's New, Pussycat?
Hysterical, awesome, absurd. And really enjoyably filmed. I may have to consider becoming a Woody Allen fan. Even his character wasn't very annoying. Maybe I can get into his earlier stuff. Also, Peter O'Toole, creepily identical to Willem Dafoe.


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