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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Just finished Supersize Me. Just want to say:

Mom - Thanks for packing my lunch, practically everyday, literally, until I left for college.
Mom and Dad - Thanks for making so many home cooked meals, for keeping a fridge full of real food, and for limiting me to one soda per day.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember watching that movie. It made me crave McDonalds. I ended up pausing the movie, running to McD, getting a "large size" meal (they'd already gotten rid of supersize at that point), and munching on fries through the remainder of the movie.

It's a good movie to chide people to eat better, but I dont think its a particularly fair condemnation of fast food. His girlfriend was a vegan? I'm willing to bet that he was eating a pretty vegan diet. A sudden switch to all mcdonalds is going to do a number on anyone in a similar situation. Other people have tried to reproduce his results and generally have *lost* weight, albeit with a rise in HDL cholesterol.


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