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Sunday, July 09, 2006

So now I'm one of those people. The type who spend an entire month's paycheck on their pet. (and we're (maybe) not done yet) But at least I'm feeling better (even if Cleo isn't, though really, who could tell?). We ended up at the emergency vet again last night due to me freaking out because I realized that she was drooling a lot because whenever her mouth did that weird twitchy thing the left side was slow to come back up (and she hadn't eaten all day). The er vet agreed that what once appeared to just be something in her mouth bothering her now looked more like a muscle spasm and possible neurological problem, so they kept her overnight. By the time I left she was a mess - drool covered chin and chest, barely able to get her tongue back in her mouth. Oh, and elevated calcium levels in her blood may indicate a tumor. So I balled my eyes out all the way home, talking to mark, then woke up corrine and wept a bit more at her place before finally crashing in my own bed. The er doc called this morning to report no new developments over night except that her fever did go up a bit, which was something that would need to be monitored, and set me up with a neurological consult. So I picked cleo up this morning and transferred her to a new clinic, where they're going to run a battery of tests and she'll see a specialist. But what made me feel better is that when I took her out of her box this morning she was practically normal - all cleaned up, barely twitching, and happy to see me. While it was annoying to wait over an our to see the new vet, it was nice to just sit with her in my lap and not obsess over her behavior for the first time all weekend. The new place seems really nice, the doctors seem really nice, and I'm just going to try not to worry until I know if/what I have to worry about. She's in good hands.


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