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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Un-freaking-believable. It's one thing to have anti-choice beliefs and to work to promote those beliefs. It's quite another to outright lie to women. And, of course, our federal government is supporting these actions, with millions of our tax dollars. As usual, Representative Waxman is on it:

Under the Bush Administration, pregnancy resource centers, which are also called “crisis pregnancy centers,” have received over $30 million in federal funding. The new report assesses the scientific accuracy of the information they provide. Female investigators, who posed as pregnant 17-year-olds seeking advice about an unintended pregnancy, telephoned the 25 pregnancy resource centers that have received capacity-building funds from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Twenty of the 23 centers reached by the investigators (87%) provided false or misleading information about the health effects of abortion.

Misleading information like this:

The research shows: Psychological stress after an abortion is NO MORE COMMON than after childbirth.
But they said: Abortions cause "guilt ... sexual problems ... suicidal ideas ... drug use, eating disorders" and "a downward spiral."
The research shows: Abortion does NOT cause an increased risk of breast cancer.
But they said: "All abortion causes an increased risk of breast cancer in later years."
The research shows: Abortions in the first trimester, using the most common abortion procedure, create NO risks for future fertility.
But they said: It's "common" for abortion to lead to "many miscarriages" or "permanent damage," such that "you wouldn't be able to carry."


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