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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mmmm...Feministy goodness

Katha Pollitt has a new book out (Virginity or Death!), a collection of essays, and Salon has a pretty good interview up, covering the book, feminism, and the negative review she got in the Times. I have to admit to being a 'bad' feminist - I'm not all that familiar with Pollitt's work. But based on the interview and skimming a few of her linked columns, she sounds pretty good to me. I just hope she's right:

I guess I feel that the rollback of our rights is only temporary -- and I say that in my introduction. That a big modern industrial country like America is not going to become a right-wing Christian nation in which you have to show your marriage certificate to get birth control. If you can measure the strength of an impulse by the ferocity of the opposition to it, I would say that feminism is very much alive. People don't spend a lot of time anymore bashing unions, for example. They don't spend a lot of time bashing the black power movement, but feminism really gets to people. So I think the fact that it really gets to people shows both its relevance and its power.


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A particularly appropo Doonesbury:

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