succumbing to peer pressure

Sunday, July 16, 2006

In comments Sid links us to this Doonesbury comic which poses the argument that the reason young women today reject the feminist label is similiar to the reason second wave feminists rejected suffragette - because the label was no longer applicable because that particular debate was over. Seriously? Is this a tangible argument in modern society? If so, I feel like it parallels the false notion that AIDS has become a chronic disease rather than a fatal one. And makes me feel a bit out of touch with, perhaps, the mainstream. And if we are going to move forward with that particular argument, what new term would be appropriate for today's debates?

Somewhat relatedly, John Tierney seems to be going for the misogynist of the year award. Latest op-ed (again, buried under Times Select) - "The Complaint Gap: The girls are O.K., even if they don't sound that way."


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