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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


After the family being here, Mom's birthday, Christmas, brother's birthday, then new year's, my system needs a reboot. The vacation has been mostly fabulous - new pillows and a new faux down comforter from Mom and Dad meant I practically never got out of bed, and when I did I spent it hugh hefner style in my bathrobe and new fluffy slippers. Nevertheless, I need to get back on a more normal eating and sleeping schedule. I'm making slow progress - trip to the grocery store this morning, and a couple of hours of work yesterday and today. But I can sense my calendar barreling down on me and I need to snap out of it. In about a month I'll be treated to PC and (hopefully!) AWB in the flesh, courtesy of a couple of conveniently timed and located conferences. And I got the good news this morning that one of my abstracts was accepted at another conference, in March, so I'm supposed to be working on two posters and one paper and oh yeah, another chapter of that pesky dissertation. And in a couple of weeks I'll be blogging the NAPW conference, where I'll have the pleasure of meeting a few of my blogger idols! Whew. Zero to 60 folks, nothing in between.


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